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Product Detail

Communication lift rod

Code : GL-132
Price : Power Conference
Material : Al-Mg alloy
Quantity : 10000000
Brand : GALLO
Type : Pneumatic lift rod

First, communication lifting rod Introduction

    Gallo Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi newsletter lift rod products with load, low noise, fast movements, shock resistance is small, strong self-loading buffer performance, smooth and so on. Wuxi communications technology Gallo lift rod products are made of aluminum alloy, light weight and high strength, able to meet the different areas, the demand for different occasions height and load, and is widely used in military, police, civil and other fields, in a variety of natural disasters, emergencies and rescue at night scene, plays an important role in the rescue.



Second, communication technology indicators lift rod

1 Collection Height: customized according to customer requirements

2 total rise height: customized according to customer requirements

3 Installation: customized according to customer requirements

4.Material: Communication lift rod made of high strength aluminum-magnesium alloy extrusions, strong corrosion resistance; cylinder walls using high-pressure treatment process seal wear and porcelain join. ;

5 packing properties: a high level of sealing performance, the stationary state 24 hours lifting mast fell less than 10mm. Gassing swinging piston stroke using the structure that a piston with high strength heavy graphite-containing PTFE; transmission are all closed, the rubber sealing ring (the ring body and the rod between the rod Japan imported seals NOK), waterproof sand performance, strong corrosion resistance;

6 Surface treatment: hard anodized aluminum-magnesium alloy increases the intensity profiles;

7 wind resistance: lift rod rod communications using circular cross-section, in the same installation space, circular cross-section can provide higher strength, stiffness, torsional and bending ability ability; wind 8; has anti-Turn the function, working pressure:. <0.30 Mpa ;.

8 Communication lift rod structure with built-in lines; Technology Co., Ltd. Wuxi Gallo first realized the device control and power cables inside the lift rod fixed at the earliest to achieve the lift rod internal traces on the appearance and performance on further.

9 communication vehicle lift mast lift rod through the roof fixed, or installed in vehicles surrounding and supporting frames by dragging the disc and joint fixation. Customer equipment selection, car lift mast should be determined according to the different type of the original height of the top of the mounting surface height. When mounted on top of the resulting product, the original height of the shortest, to ensure that the body has a maximum height as far as possible by reducing the resistance and drag of the device.

Third, the performance advantages of communication lifter

Wuxi Communications Technology Gallo lift rod are made from high quality aluminum alloy material, the entire manufacturing process through extrusion, drawing, honing, machining, anodizing and other multi-channel technology, and undergo a rigorous inspection process, in order to ensure the quality of communication lifting rod. The advantages of multi-section newsletter lift cylinder lift rod is: simple structure, sophisticated manufacturing process, and therefore easy to use, stable performance. Communication lift rod specifications are in accordance with the number of different sections, the biggest festival diameter, initial height, maximum height and determined. Different specifications of communication lifter its technical performance is different.


(Communication lift rod Application Example Figure two)

Fourth, the use of technical instructions communications lifting rod

Self-locking latch is based on the structure of the communication features of the lift rod cylinder model, the shear force of the entire length of the cylinder wall section of the foreign key and put the spring pin between the mast sections for mechanical positioning. Its effect depends on the location and the cross-sectional area of the key material. Because communication lifter cylinder material of aluminum alloy, small cross-sectional area key, so this latch lock device is only applicable to small and medium communication load lighter lifter.

Straight pull self-locking generally applicable to the initial height of 1.6m below the mast, cable-stayed self-locking applies to the initial height of 1.6m above the mast.

Brake lock braking effect is realized by holding the friction between the brake lever and lift, the equivalent of wheels and brakes. When using the self-locking brake mast requires spin hug gates. Braking force required size, depending on the size of the decision of loads, the more tight spin braking force greater. The actual operation, the use of a torque wrench, you can clear whether the braking force to meet the load requirements. Wrench or torque wrench is optional, self-locking brake braking force is calculated by using the formula screw tightening torque.

For tightening torque value, Nm

Screw receiving optimum clamping force F, N;

d thread diameter, mm; [1] P is the thread pitch, mm

Integrated brake and separate brake brake can achieve the same effect, the difference is that the design can meet the initial height of the mast, the greatest increase, requiring load. Under the same conditions, the separation of the initial brake-in holding the lower mast height can be made higher or liters.

Five, pre-service

We accept custom and OEM production needs newsletter lift rod products. Even with a standard product, due to different customers different requirements, some indicators are not the same concern. As long as you make arguments about the communication requirements of the lift rod from the total height, shut height, wind resistance, vertical load, partial load, lifting time,, yaw to the power requirements of form, weight, installation methods, we are responsible for your custom a part of your private communications lifter.

Six, service

Technical staff can arrange installation guide. Warranty: One year replacement, a three-year warranty and lifetime maintenance (within 48 hours to reach the scene).

Communication lifters and more information, please attention and collections Wuxi site Gallo technologyhttp://www.wxgallo.com/


(Communication lift rod application example Figure III)

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